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Spotlight on Nick Dauley

By • Oct 6th, 2013 • Category: Interviews

As most of my readers know by now, my main job is a teacher, so I enjoy watching the development of new, young talent.

Nick Dauley first came to my attention when he played Georgie, a mentally challenged boy in HATTheatre’s production of Over the Tavern. Dauley is now performing as older brother Jem, in Virginia Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Dauley is a freshman at Thomas Dale’s Specialty Center for the Arts and remains a member of HATTheatre’s HATTbox Players. When asked how he can do both, he replied that Mockingbird‘s run ends the weekend before tech week for HATTbox Players, so he is not attending rehearsals. Instead, he will join them for tech week and will take a silent role so he doesn’t have to learn lines. It is nice to see a young man who remains loyal to those who have nurtured his talent, and who abides by the old theater adage that there are no small parts…

Dauley says he was kind of nervous on opening night, performing on Virginia Rep’s large stage, but that he is now quite comfortable. He says the hardest parts were memorizing his lines and learning to scream in the scene where his arm gets broken. He says that Debbie Gayle Taylor who plays his nanny Calpurnia helped him, by gently taking his arm and having him react when she moved it. He said he learned to scream “AH” with ten H’s!

He sees his character Jem as the iconic older brother who wants to protect his younger sister at any cost. His worst moment so far came the night before this interview, when a set piece got stuck and the actor who plays Boo Radley, Dean Knight, had to carry him all the way around the stage in an uncomfortable position.

Dauley says he plans to audition for more plays at Virginia Rep and other theaters, and wants to put his name out there. Hopefully an interview like this will help, although, my first interview with him did not help his eating habits. He still lives on Goldfish Crackers, oatmeal with dinosaur eggs and hot dogs. His only dietary change has been getting rid of healthier juice and substituting Pepsi. Ah, to be young again!

I hope you get a chance to watch Nick Dauley in Virginia Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a Mockingbird and at HATTHeatres’s HATTbox Players, and whatever else he does next. I have a feeling his career will be one to watch.

Henry Boyle as Dill, Molly Nugent as Scout, and Nick Dauley as Jem Nick Dauley (on left) as Georgie in Over the Tavern
Henry Boyle as Dill, Molly Nugent as Scout, and Nick Dauley as Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird (photo by Aaron Sutten) Nick Dauley (on left) as Georgie in Over the Tavern (photo provided by HATTheatre)

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