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Audition announcements and performance schedules for shows are listed for no charge on the web site. Listings for your auditions in our smart phone apps are available for a minimal fee.

If you’d like to both support ShowBizRadio and get some extra exposure for your show, auditions, or theater-related business, there are several ways you can do that. And when you advertise with ShowBizRadio you know your money helps support local theatre.

Banner Ads

You can place a banner advertisement on ShowBizRadio for a week at a time. The cost varies each week. Ads run Monday to Sunday, with up to three different ads rotating. There are two ads displayed on each page on the site, one at the top and bottom of the page. If you’d like to be guaranteed to be the only ad running for an entire week, you’d need to reserve all three ad slots. We reserve the right to refuse any ad.

Traffic tends to closely follow the theater calendar. The busier the month, the more traffic to the site. Traffic was greatest in March and lowest in August.

The ad is an image, 468 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall, at 72 dots per inch. No animation is allowed in the image. File formats are gif, jpg, or png. It is up to you to follow all rules regarding required text in your advertising. (Check your show’s contract from the rights company.) If you need help designing an ad, we can assist you for a fee of $50. The ad will link to the URL of your choice.

Sidebar – Featured Shows

Your production may be featured on the sidebar on the right edge of the site, as well as highlighted on our production calendar. The sidebar only lists the name of the production and the city and state where it will be performed. The cost will be $1 per performance in the show’s run. So, a community theater production running two weekends will only cost a few dollars, while a long running musical at a larger professional performance space will cost more. Also, if you purchase a banner ad, for the week of your production, your show will be listed as a Featured Production at no additional charge.

Reserving Ad Space

If you are interested in advertising on the site, drop us a note (

Invoices will be sent via email. They can be mailed, but an additional handling charge ($2) will apply. Invoices that are not paid within 30 days may incur a $25 late charge, as well as forfeiture of future banner reservations.