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Virginia Repertory Theatre Olympus on my Mind

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Olympus on my Mind
Virginia Repertory Theatre: (Info) (Web)
Virginia Rep Center – Hanover Tavern, Hanover, VA
Through March 16th
2:10 with intermission
$38/$19 Rush/$10 Students (Plus Fees)
Reviewed February 1st, 2014

Greek gods pretending to be human with a campy fourth wall breaking chorus, what could go wrong? Nothing! This show is just right — unless you speak to Mercury about Charis!

Olympus On My Mind, directed by K Strong, is currently running at Virginia Repertory’s Hanover Tavern. This is the third time Hanover Tavern has produced this play and if the saying “third time’s a charm” is to believed, Olympus is complete charm and worth every moment!

The story takes place in Greece. The god Jupiter (Richard Travis) and his son Mercury (Arden Moscati) come down from Mount Olympus for one night to have a bit of fun with Alcmene (Sara Sommers) while her husband is away at war. One thing leads to the next as her husband, Amphitryon (George Spelvin), arrives home earlier than expected. The comedy of errors is hysterical laughter for the audience.

No show can ever be perfect, but this show is quite as close as can be. The chorus, a fourth wall breaking group, including the ever-talented Maggie Roop as Delores, turns the audience into participants in the show. Scott Wichmann’s Sosia could not have more perfect comedic timing. The chorus did struggle in one of their first dance numbers, but quickly gained their rhythm and never skipped another beat. There is also the possibility of some initial confusion when Jupiter and Amphitryon come face to face, but it is short-lived and the scene is so well delivered the confusion is instantly forgotten.

Set design, by Terrie Powers, conveys the Greek Era with ease — giving the proper patterns to the floor, lighting the stairs, and using mannequins as statues is just brilliant. Lighting design, by K. Jenna Ferre, is well suited to each scene and truly amazes in the dance number that throws out any idea of a fourth wall in this show.

The posters for this show are tongue in cheek with the suggestion of a naked lady behind a column. Don’t let it deceive you. There are no naked ladies, only a most incredibly fun cast! This show is a show for most ages. Though some of the Greek mythology might be lost on younger children, they will still love the jokes, physical comedy, singing and dancing. You will be dying laughing by the end of the show.

Break the fourth wall and visit Hanover Tavern, Olympus will be on YOUR mind – a can’t miss show!

Photo Gallery

Maggie Roop Scott Wichmann
Maggie Roop
Scott Wichmann
Richard Travis and Sarah Maynard Sommers as Alcmene Richard Travis and Sarah Maynard Sommers
Richard Travis and Sarah Maynard Sommers as Alcmene
Richard Travis and Sarah Maynard Sommers
Scott Wichmann as Sosia and Richard Travis as Jupiter Mary Anne Furey as Charis and Scott Wichmann
Scott Wichmann as Sosia and Richard Travis as Jupiter
Mary Anne Furey as Charis and Scott Wichmann
Cast Maggie Roop as Delores
Maggie Roop as Delores

Photos by Jay Paul


  • The Chorus
    • Tom: Tyler D. Wilson
    • Dick: Paul S. Major
    • Horace: Dan Cimo
    • Delores: Maggie Roop
  • Jupiter: Richard Travis
  • Mercury: Arden Moscati
  • Charis: Mary Anne Furey
  • Alcmene: Sara Sommers
  • Sosia: Scott Wichmann
  • Amphitryon: George Spelvin

Behind the Scenes

  • Stage Management: Kristy Bell
  • Costume Design: Sarah Grady
  • Light Design: K. Jenna Ferree
  • Set Coordination: Chase Kniffen
  • Music Direction: Jason Marks
  • Direction & Choreography: K Strong
  • Cover Art Illustration: Robert Meganck
  • Accompaniment Creation: Jason Marks
  • Deck Crew: Maggie Peterson
  • Light Board Operator: Kristy Bell
  • Sound Engineer: Zach Baumann

Disclaimer: The reviewer volunteered with Virginia Rep as an usher.

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