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B-C Maupin Still…Mad About the Boy(s)

By • Aug 9th, 2013 • Category: Reviews

This has been a unique week. First, on Monday, I was the guest of a car (the 2014 Chevy Impala) at a concert at Wolf Trap featuring OneRepublic (and a few thousand of their closest friends). Tonight, I attended a much more intimate concert, featuring one of Richmond’s best known performers at one of Richmond’s most intimate venues.

To start, there are many performers known by one name. Cher, Madonna and Roseanne to name a few. Not many are known by just 2 letters. In this case, the performer is “B-C;” Billy Christopher Maupin, performing in a one man Cabaret evening of Songs and Stories entitled Still…Mad About the Boy(s).

Maupin rewrote and revisited a show he performed back in 2008 – Mad About the Boy(s). The show was performed at Richmond Triangle Players, a perfect venue for a cabaret performance, in front of a crowd of about 100 of Maupin’s friends and fans. It tells a lot both about Maupin and the Richmond theater community, that the crowd was a virtual who’s who of the various performers and producers I’ve come to meet over the past year of writing.

As the title reveals, the show entails Maupin sharing stories and jokes about some of the boys (and men and a woman or two) who have influenced his life. Each story leads to a song related to the story. There was quite a mix of ballads, Broadway tunes, and a beautiful rendition of “The Rose” where select audience members were choreographed to stand and join in with four-part harmony.

Beyond the title, the theme for the evening was “bare” as Maupin performed in bare feet, baring his soul while utilizing RTP’s set for Bare: a Pop Opera. He was accompanied by Joshua Wortham on piano and Tristan Dougherty on guitar. For me, Maupin was at his best in his ballads and his belting out the crescendos of the Broadway pieces, but the entire 90 minute show was enjoyable.

Since the show was a one night only performance, I can not direct the readers to come and see it. However, I do hope for Richmond’s sake, it doesn’t take another five years for Maupin to put together another show.

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